Smartphone Joysticks for Gaming

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The All NEW smartphone gaming joystick is a battery-free and driver-free add-on that will totally change the way you play games on your phone. No more mistakes because of sweaty fingers or lack of accuracy. With these super convenient joysticks, you can enhance the operation precision and the overall gaming experience. Compatible with all Touchscreen devices

It is made of aluminum alloy which is durable and stable. Our soft suction cup protects your mobile screen from scratches and guarantees the operating precision. 

How To Use It:

1. Unbox the Joysticks and clean the suction cups.

2. Grab your device and clean off the screen of any fingerprint or dirt.

3. Place each joystick where you would normally place your fingers to play the game. (Make sure you have placed the joystick firmly)

4. Enjoy an amazing gaming experience.  


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*Package includes x2 Joysticks.

Type: Joysticks
Brand Name: RV77
Color: Black
Model Number: Mini Rocker

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