Non-dripping Paint Roller Pro

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When painting the walls in your home you probably spend more time in preparation than in actually painting. Having to dip the roller into the paint pan about a hundred times just to paint one wall. The Non-dripping Paint Roller Pro will save you time and money as it will never drip or splatter excess paint, leaving you with no worries about making a mess on your floor or carpet. You can control how much paint comes out depending on how hard you press down the roller allowing you to paint in different layers. 
1) Non-drip technology meaning no mess 
2) Save time: no need to re-dip the roller all the time
3) Save Money: No paint wasted in splatters, no need for drop sheets!
4) Paint in different layers with our New Distribution System 


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Application: Paint Tool Sets
DIY Supplies: Paint & Decorating
Number of Pieces: 1 Set
Brand Name: lechgtools
Type: Paint Roller, Combination
Model Number: HT033

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